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Couples Massage

It is not unusual for couples to sometimes discuss topics in such a way that it seems a bit like bickering back and forth–and worse, they may not even recognize it when they do this.  However, a spa environment is one that makes bickering seem forbidden–or perhaps more importantly, entirely unnecessary and undesirable–especially with the giddy anticipation that often occurs when one is waiting for a massage.  Couples who experience such a distraction-free, calming environment can reconnect even before receiving their massages.

Not only are massages relaxing and rejuvenating, but a couples massage can help partners to reconnect.  It can sometimes be difficult to find time to be alone together–without stressing over the day’s events.  However, a couples massage essentially eliminates the ability for an individual to stress, which allows couples to be together in the moment and reconnect with one another–even if they remain entirely silent throughout the session.

Massages can relax all the muscles in your body, which can help to relax your mind.  It can also stimulate the body to release oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine, the feel-good hormones that often lead to a desire for intimacy and affection. This means that during and after their massage, a couple can quite literally feel much more affectionate toward one another.  Obviously, this is highly beneficial – regardless of the overall health of their relationship.

Obviously, it is important for both of the individuals in the couple to be open to the idea of a couples massage.  If one of them feels uncomfortable with the idea, and is honestly just going along to please their partner, the experience is unlikely to have the same beneficial results.  However, if both partners are willing to try something new, they may just discover that a couples massage works well to deepen their bond with one another.

Great Escape Package

The Great Escape Package is two hours of relaxation in our private couple’s room.Includes:

  • Two 60 Minute Signature Massages
  • Two 60 Minute Signature Facials
  • Two Therapeutic Scalp Massages
  • chocolates and candles

For 2 – $260

The Romantic Getaway Package

The Romantic Getaway Package is one hour of relaxation in our private couple’s room.Includes:

  • Two 60 Minute Signature Massage
  • chocolates and candles

For 2 – $140

The Couple’s Rub & Scrub

Is one hour and 30 minutes hour of relaxation in our private couple’s room.Includes:

  • Two 60 Minute Signature Massage
  • Two 30 minutes Salt Glow Body Scrubs
  • Chocolates and candles

For 2: $200

Mini Escape Package

Mini Escape Package is hour of relaxation in our private couple’s roomIncludes:

  • Two 30 Minute Signature Massage
  • Two 30 Minute Express Facial

For 2: $160